New VASA (Valve Architecture Semiconductor Amp) technology

The most of overdriven guitar trademark sounds are created by overdriven valve output power amplifier.
The classic valve output power amplifier is only capable of producing this sound at one volume – full power volume. And that is the problem. Master volume amps provide you to play with different loudness, but the overdriven sound is created in the preamp. Overdrive from the preamp and from output power amp sounds different. Unlike to preamp, overdriven output power amp sound is less harsh, more compressed and more selective.

The key factor of our amp is the unique technology we use. Simply speaking, we use analogue semiconductor components to build the “valve architecture” amp (Valve Architecture Semiconductor Amp). We transfer each section of a the classic guitar valve amp to the analogue semiconductor circuits, ensuring valve nonlinearity and tonal characteristic. Preamp gain stages have a classic valve compression. In the power section we use AB class push-pull transformer output power amp. A distinctive feature of our amp is the output power control. By that control you can adjust the loudness of the amp and what is most important, you can crunch and overdrive the output power amp. By that our amp sounds like the power valve overdriven amp and the sound is less harsh, more compressed and more selective. You just have to try it ….